Clubs at an American High School

Louis Tian – Senior at Maranatha Christian Schcools

My name is Louis Tian, I am currently a student attending at Maranatha Christian Schools in Rancho Bernardo. My curiosity about science and my passion for sports has brought me a fabulous after-school life.

During my junior year, I joined the school’s math club, International Space Station Program, and basketball team. This year, my senior year, I am currently a member of the National Honor Society, San Diego Youth Space Program, and the school’s soccer team. In order to pursue my career goal of becoming a mechanical engineer, being involved with the International Space Station and San Diego Youth Space Program is definitely beneficial for me.  The International Space Station Program is a program where students design a small self-operating box of lab and we send the lab to the International Space Station. I was the “Mechanical Engineer” in the program. I like this role because I can play this role very well. During the project, I cooperated with our “Software Engineer” so that they would design the perfect circuit and program to support the lab. I have gained a lot of knowledge of science and 3D-graphing.  I enjoyed working with my teammates and enjoyed being successful.

I strongly encourage you all to be proactive of joining any club or program that your school offers because I want to pass the joy and pleasure of team-working to each one of you.